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Tiffany Blue

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Tiffany Blue

10 Nails per set


Each Fully Pressed Set is handmade with high quality gel polish. Every set is designed to be durable and reusable.


Length and shape can be selected using the drop down arrow. For custom sizes select “Custom” in the drop down and please include sizes in the notes for your order.


Each style and length fits differently to the natural nail. For the most natural look purchasing a sizing kit is highly recommended.


Don’t want to purchase a sizing kit? Find instructions on measuring your natural nail as well as standard nail sizes on our “How to Measure” page.


***NO REFUNDS*** If you purchased a press on set and you have a few nails that are a little too small or even too big please see our “Replacement Nails” on how to go about getting new sizes. Purchasing a sizing kit before ordering new nails is HIGHLY recommended.